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Content: The Currency of Connection
Join Tom Doctoroff MBA'89 as he discusses how consumers and brands can make sense of an exponentially expanding range of digital "content."

In an era of warp-speed technological change, the range and breath of digital "content" expands exponentially. In fact, "content" is a fat word. Anything and everything a brand produces to elicit online engagement can be called content. But the inherently participatory nature of content has empowered consumers as never more. And it has given marketers a responsibility to shape content people are willing to "lean into."

But how can sense be made of the nearly unlimited options confronted by both consumers and brands? In a lively case-filled presentation, Tom asserts that worthy content abide by four simple principles. It is: a) bound by a brand idea, b) a gift, not an offer, c) purposefully design to change behavior and d) user centric (that is, not "we tell you," but "you tell us").

Throughout the presentation, Tom unifies timeless top down marketing principles with the bottom-up possibilities liberated by technology.

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Denise Dilley

Staff Liaison